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.NET, Assembler, ASP, C, C#, C++, CGI, JAVA, PERL, PHP, RSS, SSI (incl. Mod_Rewrite), VB, VBA, VB.NET, XML P3P

New Sites
Power Hosting Australia
Technology and the Internet have come a long way since we started in 1997 (good grief that's a long time ago!).
Web surfers now expect sites to deliver spectacular content, features and interaction but at the same time want the sites to load fast!

It has been a balancing act between putting up a great site but making sure it still loads fast. Whats the solution? Getting a dedicated server is one costly alternative but without spending a fortune on hardware and network infrastructure, your site may still not have the backend muscle it needs.

We needed speed, power and cutting edge features like a server cloud ready to kick in when our sites needed them. After 12 months of R&D we can now offer 21st century hosting hardware and features that will turbo charge your web site.
Take a look - it's pretty good ;)

Net Dynamics SEO Power Tools
Currently in final beta, these free domain information tools will tell you more about a domain or website address on a single page than you will find anywhere - period.

Including detailed traffic analysis, website popularity, competing websites, link partner suggestions, keyword analysis and keyword suggestions the range of tools is extensive.

The tools are completely free and will remain so.
Simply type in a Domain, URL or IP address and get dynamically updated information from a database of over 4 billion web addresses.

Featured Sites
P3P Seal
In conjunction with the P3P Wizard privacy policy generator, Net Dynamics has launched P3P Seal.
P3P Seal is the first and only privacy protection program that includes the automated or 'machine readable' aspects of online privacy.
With growing consumer concerns regarding online privacy, compliant Privacy Policies for commercial websites have become essential. Net Dynamics has developed a Privacy Policy wizard that creates a fully compliant and machine readable Privacy Policy. It not only addresses the concerns of online consumers, it creates XML policy data that addresses data blocking issues inherent with the latest Internet browsers and consumer privacy preferences.

Advanced website visitor tracking. Track individual visitors as they navigate through your site and monitor your Search Engine promotion and key word effectiveness.
(We did originally have a scaled down free version of this service, however, the tens of thousands of sites that were using it and the inherent issues accompanying this large user base, forced the closure of the free service.)

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